About Zeus Crypto

Zeus Crypto enables instant swaps of crypto for crypto and crypto for tokens. We will add Epay fiat gateway in the upcoming months.

Users can now exchange crypto instantly, transparently and safely, with no personal information or private keys held or stored at Zeus Crypto, and with no assets held in deposits.

Process is simple:
  • Select cryptocurrency pair and check the real-time market quote rate
  • See full commissions disclosure beforehand
  • Send the cryptocurrency you are willing to change to Zeus Crypto escrow e-wallet
  • Follow the trade via transaction pin code or via email with 24-hour support
  • If the market quote has changes, choose to continue with the new rate or cancel the transaction
  • Receive the other cryptocurrency to your wallet

Zeus Crypto is the first corner-stone of Zeus Exchange infrastructure and is an engine for cryptocurrency and digital assets trading. As a Singapore-based company, we provide services in accordance with Singapore law.